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Other local artists we have represented - and recommend:

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Clôdie's creativity and appetite for coming up with new work seems to be boundless!  As well as her fine collection of whimsical lamps, she also makes the most voluptuous furniture.

Be sure to visit her studio in Vallecitos, NM


Joel has lived in the Penasco are for over 40 years, and his very creative art is made from found and discarded objects. He has shown in prestigious galleries in Taos and Santa Fe.

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Jean Whettnall is a French transplant living and painting in Ojo Sarco. He and his wife Ann Hendrie also create amazing furniture, candelabra, and more at their studio 'Hendrie-Whettnall Art'.

Gaucho Blue is pleased that the following artists have agreed to show their work with us.  We seek out local artists who offer creative, unusual, thought-provoking work.  In other words, art you won't see elsewhere, and which gives Gaucho Blue what has been described as its 'edge'

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Blair Brown treasures her life in the mountains of Northern New Mexico, where she has explored trails and topography for decades.   ​She has worked in environmental education with particular interests in watersheds, birds and geology. Birdwatching is a special joy and means of enjoying being in nature… wherever!

Gerd trained in Germany as a Master Signmaker and painter.  He is also an experienced and accomplished printer.

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Joel Lage      See More

Hanne is fortunate to split his year between Amsterdam and New Mexico.  His work ranges from sculptures to furniture to woodblock prints, including what he describes as 'Useless Tools'.  Almost all the materials are found and discarded local wood, fixtures, and other peculiar objects.

Debbie creates unique jewellery pieces from semi-precious stones and interesting findings. Her silver is nickel-free, a boon to those who suffer from metal allergy.

Jim, is a modern metal artist, whose medium is welded and forged metal sculpture He is also a qualified structural welder and blacksmith and has been commissioned for large sculptures and many architectural ironwork projects throughout the US.


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