Hanne Huisjes  After graduating with a masters in art at the art academy in Amsterdam, I exhibited my work in Europe for 25 years.  I've been coming to inspiring New Mexico for years, and I currently make furniture on commission out of recycled wood and assemblages made out of found materials, which I call useless objects.  I also show prints done in various techniques.  I am represented in a gallery in Holland, and I am in the collections of the Stedelijk Museum and the Rijkmuseum in Amsterdam, Holland.  

Blair Brownis an avid birdwatcher and is passionate about supporting educational projects.  She is the Founder of EduKudos, an organization that provides no-cost respite breaks for teachers, and is involved with teaching art to local youth. For the past few years she has organised the Youth Art Show during the annual High Road Artisans art tour in September. Click here for more of Blair's work

Josie Kelly   I graduated with a masters of fine arts from an art academy in Amsterdam, Holland.  I am represented by galleries in Holland, and my work is in private collections as well as in the collection of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.
I live in both Dixon, New Mexico and Amsterdam, and enjoy the influences of both Europe and the West of the USA.  I have been influenced by abstract expressionism and the Cobra art movement with its fierce shapes and colors.
The New Mexico light is a joy to paint in, as is the utter peace that is found in our New Mexico house.


Hank Brusselback  In the sixties, Hank worked with a little company called Home Hewn building furniture. Chairs and tables had walking legs and a sense of movement. At that time his political interest was in opposing the Vietnam war. By the 1980’s he got an MFA at the University of Colorado and began painting more seriously and making artists books, many of which were about Central American solidarity with the folks getting bombed by the U.S. Lately his painting is about our bellicose foreign policy, Standing Rock, and the threat of fascism.