Musing Muse (Sumi-e & Enso)

Recently, Nick has returned to etching and serigraphs, notably with his work for the thought-provoking 2014 show 'Copy-Riot', for which he collaborated with Gerd Bianga.


Radiant Artist (Jean-Michel)

Nick was first attracted to print making while hanging out at the Zeller 9 Gallery on the Fulham Road in Chelsea. After sessions at Winchester Art College studying etching, he was truly hooked.

In the US at the Pacific Arts League of  Palo Alto, Nick studied with Adele Seltzer (who had worked with Nathaniel Oliviera), and switched allegiance from etching to monotype printmaking.  

In Taos, Nick met Michael Vigil, an inspiring and generous artist and printmaker, and Nick continues to print at Michael's studio, Graphic Impressions.

Skateboard Samurai: 'Skreetz'


"Two major attractions are the spontaneity of the medium, and the quality of light created; different from a painting on paper, and contributing a surface that is unlike any other art - truly a combination of printmaking, painting, and drawing media".

Billionaire Bro$ Inc

Skateboard Samurai: 'Gotcha'

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