Hendrie-Whettnall Art

Jean Whettnall   was born in Paris, France in 1953.  Self-taught and independent from an early age, Jean has been living in northern New Mexico since 1982. Although he has worked all his life in a variety of mediums, it is his painting which best expresses his wide-ranging sensitivity, vision and experience.
His mastery of the brush is an intimate reflection of his own journey into a rich, multi-dimensional, mystical reality.
He started to create candelabras 20 years ago. These are made with several coats of plaster, pigment and wax applied to a welded metal frame. The finished “sculptures” look like polished stone. 
About the same time he started to design wooden boxes for his wife, Ann Hendrie, who was attracted to the aesthetic of decorated, curved furniture. This collaboration resulted in the formation of a second studio, Ojo Delight.

Ann Hendrie
Having spent several years working with handmade paper from Nepal and Thailand, Ann recognized its exceptional qualities: the paper is strong, made from the fibers of the lokta plant, and dyed with brilliant colors.  Its translucent qualities are enhanced and preserved with multiple layers of shellac.
When applied to the hand-crafted, whimsical creations of Jean, the synthesis embodies the spirit of different worlds, times and personalities. The end products look both unconventionally “modern”, as well as classically “Old World”. 

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Jean Whettnall (Paintings)     and Ojo Delight  (Furniture & Candelabra)